Artist Statement

My work explores the intersection of art and science.  Having studied biology, with a focus on ecology and evolution, I seek through my work to bring my background and research skills into the realm of art.  As an undergraduate at the University of California, San Diego, I was interested in topics involving ecology that related to our environment and how we would preserve our environment going forward.  Reflecting this interest, my artwork has explored various different topics ranging from biodiversity to endangered species.  It thereby demonstrates the ramifications of science, investigating and communicating the implications of scientific principles or data through the language of art.

Working in an interdisciplinary manner across different content and media, my goal is to bridge art and science, thereby creating a dialogue between the two fields. I believe that art and science can benefit from such an exchange.  Even though one could argue that science is more rationally structured than art, they are really not so different.  They both question the world and how things work.  Though they are similar, art can provide a more open-ended means of exploration.