There is a certain boundary in one's mind that separates fact from fiction, reality from fantasy, memory from dream. The two realms on either side of this dividing line sometimes exist like parallel universes, with both following the same storyline and both having a profound effect on one's emotions. As time goes by, the difference between the two is harder to spot: dreams often reverberate with strong truths and happen with a vividness that rivals the waking world; truth is often stranger than fiction and memories warp with time, with fantastic results; the border between the two, when viewed at a distance, looks less like a wall and more like a gate.

The purpose of THRESCWALD -- "The Threshold" -- is to present both dream and memory in a narrative way without reference to origin. THRESCWALD weaves together my own dreams and memories in such a way that they are at times indistinguishable from each other, and links them to form different "stories" that are false in the sense that the pieces are not totally related, but true on an emotional level.

I feel that part of understanding the ambiguity of these narratives is to allow the reader a key. The key below grants insight into which segments were dreams and which were memories, as well as providing access to each segment without the context of the main "stories". You may be surprised at what was real and what wasn't.